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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Senior Recital Luncheon

There are moments in your life you will always remember as the sweetest days. This weekend was one of them. My younger daughter at the age of six asked for a piano for her seventh birthday. As a dutiful mother, I promptly provided her with one. Little did I know I was paving the way for her passionate expression - Music. This weekend I was proud to host a small champagne and cake reception for her Senior Recital; one last step necessary to complete her requirements for the Bachelors Degree of Music. This was the culmination of years of hard work, study, lessons, education and its fair share of frustration and nervous jitters. This weekend was a true testament to what dedication and support from those we love can do. Words cannot express how proud of her I am!
Today I am posting a peek at some of the preparations. Thanks for allowing me to share them with you.

My daughters favorite color has always been pink
so I chose it as the basis of my color scheme
right down to the Champagne!

As an accent, white and black were added
in some of the smaller elements

The pink labeled champagne and 'glasses'
 stood ready for the guests

Her invitation was framed in an autograph board
for friends and family to leave their sentiments

On the buffet there was a Candy Station

Lucky for me this was Valentines Day weekend
it made setting the pink sweets table easier!

Little Chinese takeout boxes were placed
where guests could "take away" a
sweet treat

As a true labor of love, my elder
daughter, our very own Cake Boss
made the centerpiece.
What concentration!

The color theme was carried out in the cake as well

This cake was truly a show stopper!
Notice the little Grand Piano on top?
Nice touch!

I just love the how all the different
patterns come into play

Because my daughters dress was a beautiful
deep blue, I decided to match her dress
instead of going with her signature pink
when creating  the stage arrangements

My daughter on her special day.
I'm so very proud of you!

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  1. You must be sooooo proud! What an accomplishment for your daughter and you! As Mom our role is supporter - regardless of their age. It looks like you threw an amazing celebration. Congratulations to her and to YOU!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Love all the pink goodies and that cake! And, a very pretty pianist!

  3. What a beautiful, sweet post! That brought a tear to my eye! I have two seniors preparing to graduate this year, one from college and one from high school, such bittersweet times! Congratulations to you and your lovely daughter!

  4. Congratulations to you both! Quite a labor of love! Love the candy station- what a fun idea with the take home boxes! The cake turned out wonderful, what a great talent she has for decorating cakes! I love the black, white and pink combination!

  5. Pink is my favorite so I loved it all. Congrates to your daughter for her musical accomplishments. The cake is a work of art. Both daughters are talented!

  6. This is my cup of tea as a certified pink nut. I love the centerpiece the best. She is really talented!

    You must be so very proud!

  7. What a beautiful way to celebrate a beauiful occassion.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  8. Congrats to your sweet daughter. I'm sure she loved everything. That cake is just fabulous too. Thank you for sharing her special day with us.

  9. A great way to celebrate such an auspicious occasion. Congratulations. I loved your daughter's photo with the flowers. such delight in her eyes!! The cake is absolutely amazing!!!

  10. What talented daughters you have!!! You have every right to be proud as do they! I come from a musical family and it has been important to all of us. It's so wonderful that you were able to get her that piano so many years ago. Congratulations to her! And what a wonderul party you made...thank you for sharing!

  11. OMGoodness, I LOVE the color combinations and that cake is a work of ART! I would have hated to cut into it!!! What a wonderful celebration of a terrific accomplishment!!!! Congrats to you both!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the pretty details you created to celebrate your daughter's accomplishment! Everything from the cake to the pink-topped champagne to the candy bar is terrific! I also enjoyed viewing your past posts...I like your style and have become a follower!


  13. What a sweet post! Love the candy station with all its pinkolicious goodies.
    Congratulations to your daughter.

  14. So beautiful!! what an adorable cake!! I know you guys had a GREAT time celebrating her genius!!!

  15. Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful occasion! Congratulations to you AND your daughter! It looked like a fabulous party afterward. I love the candy station, and that cake! What a masterpiece! It really did look too pretty to eat! Thanks for sharing your special day!

  16. What a treat to see your beautiful daughters and also the concert setting and your much packed into one little post! I send my Congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishments and hard work. Please, tell the elder daughter that her cake is beyond is a work of art and "of heart", too!! The entire family is so talented....."mom" passed on some great genes.

  17. Your daughter's talent, hard work and success is because of the love and encouragement you and your family have given! It was a great moment as seen in the beautiful photo of your smiling daughter. I congratulate you on the lovely party of champagne and cake. I love the tremendous cake in the musical motif and the pink, black and white colors. There are many wonderful talents in your family, thanks for sharing this moment.

  18. Loving all the things on the table. Look at your lovely daughter. She's adorable. Congrats...

    Happy TS,

  19. Oh, this brings back so many memories. Our daughter graduated with a degree in music. She's a classically trained lyric soprano who studied at Indiana University School of Music...after her junior year, she decided that she didn't want to perform opera...and graduated with a degree in commercial vocal performance from Belmont University. We, too, had our share of recitals. Didn't you just want to burst! Congratulations to your darling girl...all those music theory hours are no walk in the accomplishment on their own. My daughter is a full-time singer songwriter...don't know if you've clicked on to her music at the beginning of my blog. I'd love to hear your daughter some time. Does she also compose? So neat to find a connection. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day...and the gorgeous cake and decorations. The flowers are magnificent! Cherry Kay

  20. That was wonderful! Congrats to your sweet dau! And that cake is amazing. Well done, MOM!