Thanksgiving at the Junction

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seaside Luncheon

Seaside Luncheon? Well one can dream. I am homebound this weekend so there will be no trips to the famous, (or depending on which T.V shows you watch)  'infamous' Jersey Shore for me.
The next best thing was to create the atmosphere of the shore, and enjoy it on my own back porch.
I know, I know it's 4th of  July weekend, and everything should be red, white and blue, but I did just do that for memorial Day, and my heart is aching for the beach!
So here is a tribute to all the beach lovers out there, especially my older daughter who loves 'Beach Themed" decor.
Welcome to the Seaside Luncheon

This tablescape is a departure from the anchors away
look of Red, White and Blue I originally planned
for this weekend, but the weather has been absolutely balmy here
so mind just went to more spa like colors

Turquoise blue waters and pristine sand beaches
that's what I had in mind

Local stores helped set the mood.
Mikasa basket weave dinner plate
Cindy Crawford salad plate
kohls seashell soup bowl.
Flatware from CTS

This small serving platter is from Ross Stores
the sea urchin salt and pepper shakers are
from Williams Sonoma.
The pale turquoise tablecloth
is topped with a fishnet throw
from Michaels.

Napkins are Waverly

 The color is just perfection!
The contemporary pattern keeps it fresh.

The flatware is from CTS.
 At first thought the color was odd,
but here it reminds me of sand.
Speaking of sand, I added a little as a 'runner'.
The ocean colored stems are from HomeGoods.

Wouldn't you just love to be at the beach
 sitting in this little chair
watching the sailboats drift by?

Or, you could just have lunch here on the porch.

We could watch for sea turtles.....

There seem to be a few around...

Or, we could just imagine the lighthouse
guiding sailors safely to shore...

Better yet, we could just avoid the traffic and stay home,
here on the porch.

I hope that whatever your plans this weekend
that you are safe and happy!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthday Breakfast at the Junction

June is an especially busy month. There are recitals and graduations to attend. Of course a wedding or two. And the end of the school year always brings Field Day and outings that were postponed due to the long snowy winter - they are crammed in there too.
However in the excitement of all the endings and beginnings, my family always pauses the third weekend of June to have a very personal celebration that is always shared by three members of my family. My younger daughter and I have birthdays three days apart that bookend Fathers Day. We have gotten very good about sharing our "special" day with each other - it just means more presents to open, more good food to share with family and friends, and it seems to span the entire weekend. Lot's of fun. 
Today I decided to set a Pretty Pink tablescape for the ladies. Dad will have his day, don't you worry.  
Stop in to see the table - I'm off to buy the goodies!

Lots of pink going on here and rose patterns too
Perfect for the ladies Birthday Breakfast

The topiary are a hold over from
my pink phase long ago

The little rose cereal bowls as well as the salad
plates were from Ross a few years back

Under them is a clear glass gold trimmed
dinner plate which I found this year at
GW in Annapolis - my favorite haunt.
I think they were $2.00 each!

Pretty pink etched glasses from HomeGoods
will add elegance to the OJ served this morning

The swan centerpiece was made by yours truly
during my ceramics class adventures more
years ago than I care to remember

This little covered dish thingy was a steal
for $1.00 -
I thought it was just the sweetest thing -"y".

Along with OJ, we will of course have coffee.
I must have my coffee!

And even though it is just breakfast, there
should always be a touch of crystal.
Today I am using the candle holders
from my older daughter.

And yes.... there is a pitcher. LOL

I'm off to do little shopping....
Fathers Day is up next!

Thanks so much for taking time to drop by my little blog.
Your visits are so appreciated.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where do you keep it all?!?

I love this Blog Party topic. Just because I love seeing how everyone creatively stores, preserves and displays all of the beautiful china, crystal, nic-naks and accents they share with us week to week.
So, when The Tablescaper put out the invitation to join her in celebrating her second blogger-versay, I was happy to respond.
Happy Second Blogger-versary The Tablescaper!
 I have loved every one your inspiring, truly awesome tablescapes. They were my jumping off point when I decided to join this wonderful community of artistic people who design, create and inspire week to week. Your comments kept me going when sometimes I wondered if I was going off the deep end with this passion of mine.  I have so loved being a part of it all.

Here's to all of us, who delight in all things beautiful!

We begin in the kitchen
 where I am lucky enough to
have two pantries like this for storage.
One of course, HAD to be for food.
 Imagine that.
The other was immediately designated dishes only!

Of course there is the kitchen hutch.
Here I store the color coordinated accents
to match the kitchen decor

The island cabinet has two sides.
Again, every space must share with
  Tablescape items!

I finally moved the crystal
to their own little cabinet
in the mud room this year.
They seem happy all together now.

From the kitchen we move
 to the diningroom hutch

Here I store my fruit patterned china.
Hey look there's a space!
I have to keep that in mind for the next shopping trip!

The diningrooom buffet where the holiday
glassware is stored

It all looks pretty tame doesn't it?
Well, because we're friends I'll
let you into .....
the basement!!!

Every tablescaper knows it's all
about the accents.
Here is where the true fun begins!

This area is best for holiday specific items
used infrequently

A left over chest is best for storing....

Napkins! Of course!

My old Hoosier cabinet is also pressed into duty.
Here vases and apothecary jars found a home.

Ok, not so bad you say. 
But here is where I let my crazy out to play.
These storage bins have been
with me forever. I think they
were the beginning of it all! LOL

And yes my friends, they are labeled.

 By holiday, and just plain "party" items

Ok, out of the dungeon

Lastly, my old 'friend' recently relocated to the
sun porch, is also a treasure keeper
of the outside accents.

I hope you had  fun touring my addiction.
I certainly had fun celebrating
the Second Blogger-versary of
The Tablescaper
and thanks to her for his party
 and her weekly links. 
I wish her many more beautiful
settings in the future to share with us.

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storage and design ideas on...

Where do you keep it all?