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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seaside Luncheon

Seaside Luncheon? Well one can dream. I am homebound this weekend so there will be no trips to the famous, (or depending on which T.V shows you watch)  'infamous' Jersey Shore for me.
The next best thing was to create the atmosphere of the shore, and enjoy it on my own back porch.
I know, I know it's 4th of  July weekend, and everything should be red, white and blue, but I did just do that for memorial Day, and my heart is aching for the beach!
So here is a tribute to all the beach lovers out there, especially my older daughter who loves 'Beach Themed" decor.
Welcome to the Seaside Luncheon

This tablescape is a departure from the anchors away
look of Red, White and Blue I originally planned
for this weekend, but the weather has been absolutely balmy here
so mind just went to more spa like colors

Turquoise blue waters and pristine sand beaches
that's what I had in mind

Local stores helped set the mood.
Mikasa basket weave dinner plate
Cindy Crawford salad plate
kohls seashell soup bowl.
Flatware from CTS

This small serving platter is from Ross Stores
the sea urchin salt and pepper shakers are
from Williams Sonoma.
The pale turquoise tablecloth
is topped with a fishnet throw
from Michaels.

Napkins are Waverly

 The color is just perfection!
The contemporary pattern keeps it fresh.

The flatware is from CTS.
 At first thought the color was odd,
but here it reminds me of sand.
Speaking of sand, I added a little as a 'runner'.
The ocean colored stems are from HomeGoods.

Wouldn't you just love to be at the beach
 sitting in this little chair
watching the sailboats drift by?

Or, you could just have lunch here on the porch.

We could watch for sea turtles.....

There seem to be a few around...

Or, we could just imagine the lighthouse
guiding sailors safely to shore...

Better yet, we could just avoid the traffic and stay home,
here on the porch.

I hope that whatever your plans this weekend
that you are safe and happy!
I will be joining
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Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Well that tablescape is the next best thing to being at the beach. Wow! What attention to detail. I love the sea urchin salt and pepper shakers - and the beautiful color palette.

  2. I loved absolutely everything about this beautiful post! Loved how you covered the tablecloth with fish net...inspiring idea! And I adore all your beachy accents and those sea inspired china... beautiful post! Have to go and look for that fishnet at Michaels now. Thanks for letting us peek into your beachy tablescape. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  3. You have certainly set a stunning table. I will be back to look again and again. It's truly a feast for the eyes. Wow. I love everything on this table. It's all so soothing and calming. And cooling... Happy Fourth, Many blessings, Marlis

  4. You've set a PERFECT seaside tablescape. I love the color blue you have chosen, your centerpiece is a wonderful mix of sea elements. That seahorse platter is to die for, I'm thinking about making a trip to Ross just to see if they have one left. The napkins are a wonderful mix it up kind of print. I love that turtle and those dishes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  5. This is just amazing. Great taste and a lovely collection!

  6. Now, that's the sign of a TRUE tablescaper...putting actual sand down as a runner! But that and all your gorgeous accessories/dishes make you really feel like you are at the beach! I love the colours you've used and that turtle is terrific! This is by FAR, my favourite 'scape this week on TT! Well done...I'm going back to look some more!


  7. Visiting you for the first time today via the Tablescaper and I just wanted to tell you that your beachy tablescape is one of the best tablescapes I've ever seen.
    I just adore it all.
    Happy 4th July to you & your family, I know you'll have fun!
    Signing on to follow your blog from now on, just so that I don't miss a thing!

  8. I love your tablescape tribute to the beach/sea. The aqua color makes me swoon with delight! Happy 4th!

  9. I'm so glad you linked this again. I loved seeing it the first time and saw all that I missed this time. It's the most amazing table. Happy fourth, many blessings, marlis

  10. Thanks to all of you for your lovely commments. This was a true inspired 'scape as my daughter is such a beach themed fanatic. She was the muse for this table so I am especially happy it has received such sweet comments. Hope you have a safe an fun filled fourth.

  11. Well this is TO DIE FOR!!! I can smell the sea air and feel the ocean breeze:*~:*~
    I am going to follow your blog so I can drool over more tablescapes!!!

  12. What a gorgeous table! I would LOVE to be at the beach, we were in the Outer Banks for a week and it was wonderful! Love all of your BEAUTIFUL accessories and plates! I will be your newest follower! XO, Pinky

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  14. Mama!! This table is amazing! You know I am going to try and steal all these pieces away, next time I visit! Thanks for the shout and for making my morning. What a beautiful table- makes me want to eat breakfast my the shore with you! Love you!!

  15. This is so beautiful. I love the aquas and beach theme. They are so soothing. Glad that you could at least get to the beach via tablescape.That's how I got to Tuscany. LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

  16. I just love this! I bought the odd colored flatware too, LOL. I was thinking Fall, but it is true it looks like sand. So many beautiful elements. I am late visiting, I am off my blogging routine, summer is so busy here, the kids are out every weekend, and I ran 2 community dinners, so lots of planning and decorating!
    Thank goodness for CTS, I found great things to do my tables for the dinners.

  17. Your arrangements are not just beautiful. They are art-pieces. Congratulations! You have definitly made my day! I really enjoy your ART! Paul Quintero.