Thanksgiving at the Junction

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something new in the Junction!

Spring is a time of renewal - and spring cleaning! Room by room, I tackle moving furniture, polishing and waxing to make every inch shine. While I do this, I am making mental notes of what needs to be fixed and what I would like to one day replace. The little green china cabinet in my kitchen was always one of those pieces that was purchased as a "make do until the real thing comes along" kind of piece. It was serviceable and of course, it was another storage piece for my dishes.

Like the 15 years before, as I was polishing up my little "make do" I was thinking of the piece I would one day love to have. The color of the wood and the style. The storage possibilities, the height and width all were well defined. In my mind anyway. My search never turned up quite the right replacement. Afterall, I had grown attached to this little cabinet, and had collected just the right pieces for each and every shelf and drawer.

So there were nicks and scratches on the wood trim.
It was well loved and used. 
 And it didn't cost me a fortune like all of the others I'd seen and considered. It was comfortable.
Then last Saturday, I woke up with what I call a nudge.
Something told me that I absolutely had to take a ride to a local consignment
store I had visited a few weeks ago.
It is one of those places that you have to go into with an open mind, good vision, and plenty of time.
The treasures are there, but you have to search them out. Which brings to mind the old saying -
nothing worth anything comes easy!
 As I turned the corner, careful not to knock over someone elses next treasure, there it was.
Was this here two weeks ago? How did I miss it?
I saw the one that sat behind it and remembered I had dismissed it as I had others that looked too much
like a diningroom piece. But this!
This was perfect!

The size, the storage, the finish, the condition and ladies - hold on to your hats...
the price.
Wait for it .... $199.00.
What did she say? Was that a misprint?
Did she really say it was ....?
Yes I did.
So I stepped up and bought it.
Like most people living in suburban Central New Jersey,
I drive an SUV. Not Ideal for moving furniture. So, I rent a truck and enlist the help of my Son, and my Dear Patient Hubby - (who now saw this as another one of my adventures)  to get it home and in place.

Finally home. My new love.
 I cleaned, polished and admired it the of remainder
of the evening. Because it is an older piece, it has all of the well built craftsmanship I adore.

Now to get all of this, in there!

 And I love how it looks in it's new home. My home.
Not to be forgotten, my old friend has found a
new home -

On the three season porch!
More on that next time.

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  1. Love your new china cabinet....looks perfect in your diningroom. Well worth the wait! Diane

  2. This is really the perfect piece for your house. Lucky you to have listened to that little nudge, and followed your instinct!

  3. love your new friend! and i really love that you moved the other to the porch...i get so excited when i find a bargain! glad you found one that was perfect for you!

  4. Oh, it's such a thrill to find the right NEW FRIEND for our homes and you have found the perfect one! It's gorgeous and goes well with the wood of your dining table! Your old friend is also in a perfect room... now, she goes just right with the wicker furniture. Great find too.

  5. Wow! What a find! It's gorgeous. Didn't take you long to make it look right at home.

  6. Great piece of all the bright colors you have put into it! I love the older one, looks great in its new home.

  7. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful! What a lucky was meant to be. You've accessorized it well, too. That's always the hard part for me.

    Thanks for sharing your new treasure. Oh & the old one looks great out there, too!


  8. Thank you for passing by my friend and for the lovely comments...and again, I love your new piece!

  9. How beautiful, it is perfect there! What a deal! And I am so happy the other has found a new resting spot! I need a 3 season dish room, I mean porch! :)
    Have a blessed Holy Week! Finally the sun is out!

  10. Oh, my ... well done! It looks beautiful ... the old cabinet in it's new place and the new cabinet in the *old* place!!!! I need to go shopping with you!

  11. What a super find! and the price.. It's stunning. I love how everything fits in perfectly and it looks like it has more storage too.. It's great that you could still use the old piece because it's so charming.

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  13. What a handsome piece, and such a reasonable price! It's as if it were custom made for your room and waiting patiently for you to bring it home.

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. I hope our paths cross again very soon.


    P.S. I checked out some of your tablescape posts. You have wonderful taste, and your photographs capture your tables beautifully!

  14. What luck!! I've been on the hunt for a particular piece for my boy's room that I will know when I see it-- haven't seen it yet-- but you give me hope!!

    It looks great in your kitchen!

    Following from the creative blog hop.